Oil and Gas Program (OGP)

ACEMP aims to promote a petroleum sector that allows all stakeholders to participate in policy formulation, decision making and actual development of petroleum resources through a shared local content framework that allows them provide goods and services within their means and locally available. ACEMP partners and collaborates with key government institutions to ensure effective and efficient execution of national strategies, objectives and interventions under the mid-term national development framework and Visions 2040. We aim towards strengthening the capacity of the Government of Uganda, institutions and Ugandan professionals in the public and private sector to manage environmental impacts of mineral sector development and that of the Uganda civil society to participate in decision making of the sector.

Strategic Interventions

  • Influence and promote a transparent and accountable petroleum sector
  • Design and facilitate tailor made capacity building and short courses for different actors in the sector
  • Work hand in hand with the media to get information on the sector to the different players
  • Undertake research and develop policy reviews on oil, gas and the petroleum sector as a whole
  • Monitor the performance of and evaluate the compliance of the companies in the sector
  • Provide a platform for generation of data, information management and sharing in the petroleum sector
  • Have an interactive virtual platform which will stimulate issue based discussions online between members and experts
  • Issue based engagement and dialogue with different stakeholders in the sector
  • Develop and harness a multilevel collaborative networking framework for a sustainable petroleum sector
  • Inter institutional coordination and embracing networks and platforms at different levels
  • Facilitate skills development and knowledge transfer in the petroleum sector