Mining, Minerals and Materials Program (MMMP)

The Minerals Development Program (MDP) provides a platform for Mineral development value chain stakeholders from the industry, central government and local governments, parliament, civil society, the media, academia, and mineral rich host mining communities and landowners to engage and participate in policy dialogue and development for the sustainable development of the mineral sector.
The program focuses on finding solutions for the co-existence of mining activities with other sectors of the economy such as agriculture. It promotes community aspects, health, safety and environmental management of mining activities.

It recognizes the economic value of Neglected Development Minerals/Low Value Minerals and Materials in the Construction industry as the untapped future of mineral development and source Domestic Direct Development (DDI) in Uganda’s and East African Community urbanization drives. The program also supports the development of the largely ASM sub-sector through formalization, regulation and consistent monitoring as key in the sustainable management of the mineral industry in Uganda. ACEMP executes various activities under this program with national and regional sub-national stakeholders in the Karamoja region of North Eastern Uganda, Eastern region, Central and Western regions of Uganda.

Strategic Interventions

  • Influence and promote a transparent and accountable mining and mineral sector
  • Working with the media to get information on the sector to the different players
  • Undertake research and develop policy reviews on mining, minerals and materials
  • Monitor and evaluate the compliance of mining companies and artisanal and small scale miners to the laws of Uganda especially to do with environmental issues
  • Provide a platform for generation of data, information management and sharing in the mineral sector
  • Have an interactive virtual platform which will stimulate issue based discussions online between members and experts
  • Issue based engagement and dialogue with different stakeholders in the mineral sector
  • Develop and harness a multilevel collaborative networking framework for a sustainable mineral sector
  • Inter institutional coordination and embracing networks and platforms that deal with the sector at different levels
  • Facilitate skills development and knowledge transfer in the mining and minerals sector