Human Rights and the Extractive Industry (HREI)

Through research and documentation, ACEMP advocates for human rights and conducts human rights capacity buildings for the different stakeholders involved in both the minerals and petroleum sectors. ACEMP aims to develop solutions to problems on behalf of the disadvantaged individuals or groups and working with communities to equip them with the capability, knowledge and skills to identify and seek redress for outstanding human rights.

We work with the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) and other human rights institutions to develop stakeholder’s human rights capabilities in promotion of a human rights based approach to extractive sector governance. We work with human rights organizations both in government and civil society sector, security agencies, local governments, the media, parliament, extractive industry and communities in promoting UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by holding mining and petroleum industries responsive and responsible to their human rights duties and obligations.

Strategic Interventions

  • Influence and promote a just and accountable energy and mineral sector
  • Design and facilitate human rights trainings
  • Working hand in hand with the media to get information on human rights in the sector to the different players
  • Undertaking research and policy reviews on human rights in the energy and mineral
  • Monitor and evaluate the companies’ compliance with the law to do with human rights
  • Provide a platform for generation of data on human rights on which information managed and shared to different stakeholders in the energy and minerals sector
  • Have an interactive virtual platform which will stimulate issue based discussions online between members and experts
  • Issue based engagement and dialogues on human rights with different stakeholders
  • Promote and ensure just community centered business practices and respect for human rights in the energy and minerals sector