There are proven energy solutions for climate change that we as ACEMP promote for sustainable development such as renewable energy use. ACEMP is committed to promoting Climate Change Management through the promotion of other renewable sources of alternative energy and electricity such as, geothermal technology, solar energy and hydrology among others. We contribute to increasing the share of renewable energy in energy use through research, advocacy and engaging of the different stakeholders in committing to reducing Green gas House Emissions through the use of environmentally friendly renewable sources of energy.

Strategic Interventions

  • Promote alternative energy
  • Working hand in hand with the media to get information on the energy sector to the public
  • Undertake research and policy reviews on alternative energy
  • Provide a platform for generation of data, information management and sharing in the alternative energy sector
  • Have an interactive virtual platform which will stimulate issue based discussions online between members and experts
  • Issue based engagement and dialogue with different stakeholders that deal with or are interested in alternative energy resource
  • Develop and harness a multilevel collaborative networking framework for a sustainable alternative energy sector
  • Facilitate skills development and knowledge transfer in the alternative energy sector