Africa Centre for Energy and Mineral Policy (ACEMP) is a not for profit Organization founded in 2012 under the laws of Uganda. ACEMP is a Centre of Excellence in Policy, Research for the Energy and Mineral development. It espouses the values of equity, good governance, capacity building, socio-economic justice and shared benefits in the development and exploitation of minerals and petroleum resources in Uganda in particular and Africa as a whole.

We provide a platform for sharing of extractive industries information for government policy makers, the extractive industries sector, the academia, the media, mineral rich host communities, sub-national governments, civil society and international development partners to identify policy gaps and find lasting solutions to those gaps for the sustainable development of the extractive industries sector in Uganda and resource rich Africa.

Our Vision

A centre of excellence in policy and research for energy and mineral development.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable development of the energy and mineral sector in Africa.

Our core values:

  • Equity

  • Socio-economic justice

  • Shared benefits

  • Gender equality and inclusiveness

Our Objectives

  1. To influence and promote a transparent and accountable energy and mineral sector

  2. To provide a platform for generation of data, information management and sharing in the energy and mineral sector

  3. To develop and harness a multilevel collaborative networking framework for a sustainable energy and mineral sector

  4. To facilitate skills development and knowledge transfer in the energy and mineral sector

  5. To promote and ensure just community centered business practices and respect for human rights in the energy and mineral sector
Platform for Extractive Industries Information
Visit our interactive platform, PLEXII, for information on the extractive industry, to share, interact with and engage other players in the sector